Workshop: Learning the Skills of Jazz Improvisation

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Jazz Improvisation Workshop: All Levels, All Instruments (Ages 15 and above) – Bring Your Instrument. Participants should have knowledge of basic chords and proficiency in applying major and minor scales. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please review the information below and select the appropriate option from the form provided.

Scales: Major scales in at least 6 keys.
Chords: Knowledge of basic major and minor chords in all keys.

Scales: Proficiency in all major scales and proficiency in minor scales in at least 4 keys.
Chords: Major and minor chords with 7th extensions in all keys.

Scales: Mastery of major and minor scales, and proficiency in all 7 modes in all keys.
Chords: Mastery of major and minor chords with 7th, half-diminished, and altered extensions.

You will be learning how to choose the right scale for chords to improvise, covering basic modes to advanced improvisation using melodic/harmonic minor and altered scales. The workshop includes 30 minutes of theory and 1 hour of practical application using a jazz standard.

Led by Soner Ersen (piano), Tom Hewins (double bass) and Andrew Booker (drums)


All Saints Church, Church Avenue, Highams Park, London E4 9QZ




10.30am – 12pm

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