New Year’s Eve Launch: Highams Park Jazz Club Gala Jam Session with Special Guest Ollie Wyatt

Get ready for an electrifying experience on New Year’s Eve as we hit the stage with the phenomenal Ollie Wyatt! This is not just any jam session; it’s the grand unveiling of our transformation from Highams Park Jazz Jam to the dazzling Highams Park Jazz Club. Brace yourselves because starting in 2024, we’re not just hosting jam sessions – we’re bringing you the hottest jazz artists and their mind-blowing projects!

But that’s not all – join us for a night of pure celebration and musical magic as we throw a Gala Jam Session featuring the incredibly talented trumpeter, Ollie. This is your golden ticket to witness the evolution and expansion of our organisation in style.

Hold onto your seats because we’re proud to announce that we’ll be hosting some of the crème de la crème of jazz artists biweekly on Sundays from 5-8 pm. And as if that’s not enough, our spotlight artist is none other than Ollie Wyatt, a rising jazz sensation originally from the West Midlands, now making waves in Essex.

Picture this: smooth tones, a sharp appearance, and a trumpeter extraordinaire. Ollie has been crafting his solo career since 2014, drawing inspiration from legends like Chris Botti and Till Bronner. His ambition? To become Britain’s next best-selling instrumental artist.

But here’s the scoop – tickets are flying off the shelves faster than a jazz riff on NYE! Don’t miss your chance to secure your seat at this extraordinary event. Grab your tickets ASAP because, as the countdown to New Year’s Eve begins, you’ll want to make sure you have your spot reserved for a night where dancing is not just allowed; it’s encouraged! 🎺🎉💃

Line Up:

Soner Ersen:piano

Tom Hewins:bass

Andrew Booker:drums